6 Challenges Homeowners Face With Home Builders

bedroomBuilders are companies whose job is to build structures. Finding a building company to construct your new home or renovate one is not an easy task, because numerous building companies are in the market.

You ought to carry out thorough market research to find reliable builders that will meet your expectations. You ought to go through the builders’ past achievements and the testimonials from former clients.

You ought to have structural drawings and calculations, which will aid you in setting up an accurate budget for your structure and guide your building contractor and architect during the work.

After setting up a list of reliable building companies, you send them quotations accompanied by your house design and specifications, to a minimum of three building companies.

After receiving feedback, compare their prices and zero in the reliable builders with quality services that meet your requirements. Never rush to consider the lowest bidder, but check the work that has been completed by the builder before and remember that quality is what you are after. Article written by www.scaffold-tower-hire.com has outlined that picking right building companies should also factor in budget, size of your project and insurance. Can your builder sort them out for you?

 You can locate reliable builders through:

  • Referrals
  • Online Searching
  • Trading associations

According to Andy Stevens, Saga magazine shows how to find reputable builders.

You also need to ensure that you ask your builders the right questions before hiring them. Homeowners are faced with a myriad of challenges when building or renovating homes; below are; the six challenges.

1. Unexpected project cost

Before you start contacting the building company, make sure the budget includes the amount that will be able to cover up for costs that might arise due to unforeseen challenges. You ought to get advice from a structural engineer.

2. Delays in completing the work

Most constructions go beyond expected time due to poor planning by the building company, and you as a homeowner setting a short time for the completion of the task. Both you and the building company ought to set a bit of extra time for any unforeseen future challenges that might arise.

3. Quality issues/Poor finishing

When a building company’s work is not satisfying to the client, for example, the building having drainage issues, poor floor finishing, this leads to wastage of materials and extra cost due to redoing the work.

4. Inconsistent communication

Any project, no matter the size, needs consistent communication between you and the building company; when poor communication arises in the course of the project then, construction might be delayed and lead to time wastage.

As a homeowner, you should make sure you communicate with the building company more often for a smooth running of the construction.

5. Unrealistic time frame

When a building company sets an unrealistic short time for the completion of the project to win the tender, while in reality, the set time won’t be sufficient for completing the project, this will lead to doing shoddy work.


6. After-sale services

After completion of your home, you ought to be happy to be in your dream home but only to realize the defects within the building in the first year.

As a homeowner, you should lodge your complaints to the building company immediately if you notice the problem. Most companies offer after-sales service for one year from the legal date of completion of the building, which covers defects caused by shoddy work.


All aspiring homeowners should carry out research and read more about National House Building Council warranties and other bodies that guide homeowners in building and construction.

As an aspiring homeowner, you should get quality for money. You ought to work round the clock on your work, to avoid the above challenges.

Be a person who listens to pieces of advice from friends and building professionals in the market and have in mind that professionals have more insight into building and construction