The Design And Build London Process Explained

design and build londonBuilding and renovation projects can be quite a challenge to get done successfully and within the set budget. In most cases, clients usually find it difficult to coordinate the many contractors that are needed to work together to bring the project into fruition. The Design and build London methodology was introduced as a way of making it easier for clients to manage construction projects conveniently.

In this methodology, the builder is also the designer, meaning that all major players in the project seat on one table, working to complete the project within the stipulated time and budget.

Read on below to find out more about the design build process.

Choosing A Design Builder

The first step in the design and build process is choosing the right design builder to handle the entire project. Clients need to ensure that they use a competitive bidding process when it comes to choosing the design builder. This is meant to make sure that they get the desired results from the project. Carefully assess your options by looking for specialists with the necessary qualifications, expertise and experience in relation to the project at hand.

It is recommended that you avoid making decisions from a pricing point only, as this might mean ignoring important factors that will ultimately affect the quality of the final project outcome.

Pre-Construction Assessment

Once you have chosen a qualified design builder, you can then sit down with them and start discussing the project. At this early stage, both parties, the design builder and client, will need to get on the same page as far as the project description and requirements go. You as the client will have to comprehensively describe the project and outline the intended goals.

The design builder staff will be on hand to assess the requirements of the project, whether it is a renovation or new construction.


Once the design and build London specialist has a clear understanding of the client’s vision, the design stage can begin. Since the design builder understands the project delivery requirements, including time and budget constraints, they are in a position to create a functional design that satisfies your needs while staying within the set limits.


Once the design is finalised, the design builder can then get on with the construction process. One of the main benefits of the design and build London methodology is that the preparation work for the construction job can start as the design stage continues because you do not need to take bids for the construction job; the builder is already in place.


The last stage in the design build process is post construction. In this stage, the design builder hands over the completed building project to the client. A detailed walk-through of the building is important to help clients assess whether their requirements and goals have been met. Additionally, the builder hands over any documents relevant to the project.

The design and build construction methodology was created to allow for the faster and cheaper completion of construction projects. The process described above comprehensively explains how this is actually done.

Benefits Of Design And Build Project Delivery Method

interiorThe design and build construction delivery method has become a preferred option for most construction companies today due to the associated benefits. Clients looking to have a building constructed from scratch or remodeled are finding this approach more convenient to manage.

The design and build construction method only requires the owner to sign and manage one contractor. Read on below to find out the main benefits of design and build construction methodology.


One of the most significant benefits of the design and build construction project delivery methodology comes in the fact that there is one defined point of accountability. The owner only needs to sign a single contract with the design builder who then has to coordinate and manage the entire design and construction process. The owner no longer has to act as an intermediary between the designer and general contractor as is the case with the traditional design-bid-build model.

The designer and builder are under the same company, meaning that they cannot blame each other when things don’t go as planned.


Clear communication plays a vital part in the realization of the project owner’s vision. Better communication is one of the main benefits of design build construction delivery. This is because the method calls for the owner and design builder to sit down and share ideas on the entire project. The owner explains their vision to the designer and builder at the same time. These stakeholders then share ideas on how best they can realize this vision in the given time, while also sticking to the set budget constraints.

This level of communication is maintained through the entire project to ensure that the owner’s vision is realized at the very end.

No Confrontations

Since the design and build project delivery method involves the designer and builder working together from the start of the project, common contradictions between these two vital stakeholders are eliminated. In traditional design-bid-build models, the project owner has to act as the mediator between the designer and the contractor especially where cost estimations don’t match on both ends.

Eliminating such confrontations facilitates the smooth running of the project.

Faster Delivery

One of the most popular benefits of design and build is the facilitation of faster project delivery. This is achieved through the concurrent implementation of the design and construction stages. Since the bid stage is reduced to one, less time is used in looking for the right contractors.

Value Solutions

It is also worth noting that the design and build delivery method ensures that the client ends up with the best value. This is because the designer and builder are under the same firm, making it easier for them to coordinate better in a bid to realize value for the client.

As you can see from the above, there are many practical benefits of design and build delivery method. As a project owner, you will be able to realize your vision within the set budget and a shorter time period. Design builders on the other hand get to provide added value to their clients.