Office Relocation Plan

Office relocation is a big project that needs a lot of work. Details have to be precise and on point to avoid pitfalls and damage to property. Relocation must be thought about and planned accordingly. If the decision to relocate is agreed upon proper planning will ensure successful office relocation using minimal resources.
First of all, in order to relocate successfully, you need to create an office relocation plan, this plan outlines the necessary details needed to be done in order to be successful. It ensures necessary tasks are taken care of in the determined time frame, the plan should include:

office relocaton

  1. You should select a person who will be in charge of the whole move, this person will oversee operations and will coordinate everyone. The person should have good planning skills and critical thinker.
  2. A team of planners, they will come together to discuss the details of the move and they will create a workflow.
  3. Important dates: these dates should include the current office lease expiry, the start of a new lease, first and last date of move.
  4. Cost estimate of the move, you should have a rough estimate of the cost of the move and the necessary resources required.

After creating the relocation plan, the next move is to start the move, when relocating here are things to consider when moving and things necessary to be done:

  1.  If you decide to use a moving company, then you should let them work closely to the in-house relocating team so that they can integrate and work together to make the project successful. Use company that specialises in office relocation e.g
  2.  Talk to the IT team on the necessary equipment and fittings needed in the new office, they will plan accordingly to enable smooth operations in the new office.
  3. Consider the required space, have in mind for future expansion and the addition of new office units. Consider that the company will continue to grow thus increased work force and new infrastructure.
  4. Look for an office space planner, they will plan the office layout as well as the interior decoration in the new office.
  5. Notify customers early in advance before the move to avoid confusion, this will inform customers of the new company’s operating premises.
  6. Label all boxes correctly, give everyone the task of packing their desk. Ensure electronics such as computers and other fragile equipment are labelled correctly so as to ensure they are handled properly to avoid losses due to breakage. Label the boxes with their designated location. Keep a checklist of all boxes that are going to be moved so as it can be checked during the delivery.
  7. Plan how to move the equipment accordingly, move the light items first and give time to move the heavy equipment such as the furniture and heavy appliances. Plan the move across days, do not rush the move and plan the move in one day.